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Remove tension  from aching feet. Great for a massage stimulation experience.
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Price:  $299.00
Price:  $195.00
Twenty Four Month Warranty
    Certificate of Warranty
International Global Concepts
International Global Concepts (I.G.C.) warrants this OzMassager TENS MSP3 unit to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of Twenty months (2years) from the date of the original purchase.
If this product is found to be defective within Twenty months of the original purchase date, I.G.C. will exchange (but not refund the product's value in cash) the defective product without charge (excepting shipping costs) subject to the following conditions:

1.I.G.C has determined that the product has been used in accordance with the operating instructions.

2.The client returns the defective product to I.G.C. at the client's own expense.

This warranty does not cover any damages due to accidents - including but not limited to exposure to liquids (water damage), physical damage to the plastic casing or screen - or any other misuse of the product by the client. Electrode pads and accessories are not included in the warranty.

This warranty limits I.G.C. accountability to the replacement of the product. I.G.C. is not liable for any incidental or resultant damage to property or person caused by the use of this product.
Products returned for replacement after the original warranty period has reached its expiration must be returned at the client's own expense and will be subject to a fee for replacement parts and delivery.

This warranty is only valid in Australia.